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G.L.O.W - Brainfreeze (feat. Dale Novella & Lex Rush)

G.L.O.W - Brainfreeze (feat. Dale Novella & Lex Rush)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you.....


Dale Novella Presents is the brainchild of singer/songwriter and music producer, Dale! Through this initiative, I hope to bring the world together in rhythm one beat at a time.  On this website, you will find my services broken down into four distinct branches.  Take a look!


Through Dale Novella Music and Production we offer vocal performance, music production, songwriting, and audio mixing services.  

Dale Novella TPWBT 2018.jpg

Through The Poet WILL Be Televised, we provide virtual and physical spaces for minority creatives to tell their stories through music and spoken word.  We produce open mics, jam sessions, a web series and public showcases.

Thank you to everyone who has supported #ThePoetPodcast and #ThePoetWILLBeTelevised! We ap

Through Poets to the People: A Podcast we examine societal issues with a panel of artists and experts in the field. 

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Through Dale Novella Presents MUSE (Music, Unique Voice, and Social Justice in Education) we provide spaces for healing that include but are not limited to meditation and yoga sessions, writing workshops, and town halls. 

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