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A Jam Session for Poets and the Poetic

Since 2013, The Poet WILL Be Televised has been the best poetry jam session in New York City! 

Hosted by hip-hop artist Baxter P Wordsworth, "The Poet WILL Be Televised" pays homage to Gil Scott Heron, iconic for the world-renowned poem "The Revolution Will Not be Televised." Poets, spoken word and hip hop artists, and neo-soul singers to come together with a live band to improvise their written word in a new, fresh way!

"The Poet Will Be Televised is an unique monthly Open Mic Jam Session. The house band is jam packed with talented. Hosted by Baxter Wordsworth and curated by Dale Novella, both creative genesis. Poets and Spoken word artists are welcome to get on the mic and share their work. They will be backed up by the Unnamed Band. Freestyle is encouraged. The event is packed so show up early." - Dawn Orlando, CEO Funkadelic Studios

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